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2018 European Creation Conference pack (14 MP3 talks on USB)
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2018 European Creation Conference pack (14 MP3 talks on USB)

2018 European Creation Conference (London)

The 14 talks presented at the 2018 European Creation Conference (London).

  • The Authority and Clarity of the Bible
  • Soft Tissue, Protein and Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Remains
  • An Industrial Chemist’s Origin of Life Cookbook
  • Strengthening the Design Argument
  • Brain, Genes and Behaviour
  • Mizraim, Archaeology and the Search for Noah in Egypt
  • The Unsinkable Dream—a Modern-day Noah’s Ark
  • Rock Solid—Build your Faith on Strong Foundations
  • Salt of the Earth and Flood Geology
  • Origin of Man—Fact and Fiction
  • The Created Solar System
  • Coded Information Disproves Darwinism
  • Is it a Bird? A Critical Analysis of Feathered Fossils
  • Evangelism Where People Are

Each talk is a separate MP3 file on a USB drive. You can listen on your car sound system, if it accepts a USB drive, or on your computer. Files can be copied to other media or devices. Your device should already have a suitable App or software program installed; if not, free software on the internet can be downloaded and installed for this purpose.

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Format: MP3 CD/DVD
Audience: High School–Adult
Presenter: Various
Product Code: 30-1-001

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