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Creation, Fall, Restoration
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Creation, Fall, Restoration

A Biblical Theology of Creation

This new book provides a powerful case for the authority of Scripture in all areas it discusses, in particular in the area of origins. From this basis, the book demonstrates that the Bible teaches a recent creation in six normal-length days and a globe-covering flood, and shows this was the main understanding of the church before the rise of uniformitarian geology.

The author shows that only this understanding can promote a proper understanding of the Fall and curse on creation, as well as the redemption provided by Jesus Christ, the Last Adam, and the future restoration at His second coming.

It addresses the objections to these teachings which are sadly found in the wider evangelical community. This book is written in an engaging style, yet provides in-depth analysis of the original languages, with technical grammatical points clearly explained. Finally, it provides a creation-based answer to environmental concerns.

Format: Soft cover
Audience: High School–Adult
Author: Andrew S Kulikovsky
Pages: 312
Product Code: 10-2-561

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