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Creation Survival Guide tract
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Creation Media
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Creation Survival Guide tract

How to graduate with your faith intact

The modern educational environment is increasingly a place of spiritual warfare. Many parents and leaders today are unaware that their students are being inundated with more and more brazen attacks upon the Christian foundations that underpin our western civilization.

This booklet is a concise, easy-to-read and practical resource aimed at helping our young ones survive the spiritual and intellectual pitfalls of academia in the 21st century. The bulk of the booklet comes in the form of a series of Dos and Don’ts for the student—and is a great resource for parents as well—to give practical advice on how to successfully navigate the complex issue of origins in school and university.

Don’t be taken off guard! The arguments and tactics used in the classroom today can be subtle and clever, or conversely, they can be brute and intimidating; but in either case, reading the Creation Survival Guide will equip students and parents to be prepared for these attacks and to be ready with plan of action. It also has testimonies from creationists and their own experiences at college and how they survived with their faith intact.

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Format: Soft cover
Audience: High School–Adult
Author: Paul Price and Gary Bates
Product Code: 00-1-604

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