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Evidence of a Flood Scarred Earth (Video Download)
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Evidence of a Flood Scarred Earth (Video Download)

Summary:Whether Noah’s Flood was global or not, remains a major point of contention in theological colleges and churches, in that many believe that a Global Flood and science cannot be aligned. Having said this, scientists working at CMI and other Christian research entities continue to accumulate evidence that Noah’s Flood was global!

Material covered: This presentation will provide an update on evidence for a Global Flood and will present additional landscape and depositional evidence that has been more thoroughly researched in recent years. The combined scientific evidence continues to point clearly to a flood scarred earth, a reflection of God’s judgement of man’s sin.

Parental guidance is advised due to the nature of some of the material covered in this presentation

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2018 Australian Creation SuperConference in front of a live audience.

List of all video downloads from the 2018 Australian Creation SuperConference

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Audience: High School–Adult
: Dr Ron Neller
: 43
Product Code: 35-6-762

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