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How Evolutionary Theory Destroys Everything (Video Download)
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How Evolutionary Theory Destroys Everything (Video Download)

In this talk Martin Williams shows how evolutionary and deep time views undermine every aspect of the apostolic Gospel: the origin of physical death with the sin of Adam, the origin of bodily sickness with the sin of Adam, and the corruption of all of the created order with the sin of Adam. But if death, disease and the decay of the created order were a part of God’s original and good creation, then the New Testament’s portrayal of Jesus saving death is seriously flawed. The only way to understand the nature and significance of Jesus’ atoning death is to remember that history began with a perfect world that was subsequently thrown into chaos by human sin. This means that biblical creation is an issue of primary important and therefore one that Christians need to faithfully uphold.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2018 Australian Creation SuperConference in front of a live audience.

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Audience: High School–Adult
: Dr Martin Williams
: 37
Product Code: 35-6-757

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