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DVD Exploration pack
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Creation Media

DVD Exploration pack

Presentations by CMI speakers and other scientists bring faith-building information from the widest range of subjects within the creation/evolution issue.

This pack sames you lots of dollars and contains the following 12 DVDs …

  • Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science? (DVD) [30-9-530]
  • The Age of the Earth (DVD) [30-9-534]
  • Genesis & the Gospel Connection (DVD) [30-9-556]
  • Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 “Daughters” of Noah (DVD) [30-9-570]
  • Alien Abductions and UFOs—Exposed! Startling facts about this disturbing phenomenon (DVD) [30-9-578]
  • Starlight, Time, and New Physics (DVD) [30-9-569]
  • Creatures Do Change But It’s Not Evolution: How natural selection supports the Bible (DVD) [30-9-601]
  • Dinosaurs! God’s fearsome and freaky creations (DVD) [30-9-611]
  • The Ice Age: Only the Bible can Explain It (DVD) [30-9-612]
  • Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things? (DVD) [30-9-623]
  • Radioactive Dating & A Young Earth (DVD) [30-9-626]
  • Let the Rocks Speak: Evidence for the Flood from the fossils and geology (DVD) [30-9-641]

Format: DVD
Audience: High School–Adult
Product Code: .90-7-017

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