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Family 4 book pack
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Creation Media

Family 4 book pack

Adam and Family
A true account of the world’s very first family, that of Adam and Eve. It gives biblical answers to many of the questions that children have, arising from the evolutionary stories they see on TV.

The True Story of the World
This is the true account of the seven most important events in the history of the world. They reveal God’s plan for the world and for us.

One Big Family: The truth about where we all came from
This book tells the story of our true human origins and the very first family—Adam and Eve. In the process it will help unwind many of the things that children hear and see via evolutionary stories on TV or even through their education.

The Oxpecker and the Giraffe: I Need You and You Need Me
A delightful nature story in ‘Dr Seuss-style’ rhyme about an oxpecker bird who removes ticks and other nasties from the skin of a giraffe, for the benefit of both. With captivating artwork, it uses these two zany characters to teach about God’s design, and about relationships, in a way that young children can easily understand and enjoy.

Format: Hard cover
Audience: Primary/Elementary–Junior High
Pages: 144
Product Code: .90-7-250

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