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What’s different, new and coming?

New webstore

Even though there are many similarities with the previous webstore, we have made improvements …
  • A new look that better matches our main website,
  • Customers are not compelled to create a store account (name and address details are not retained)
  • Shipping cost can be calculated prior to checking out
  • The checkout process is all contained on one page
  • Improved payment process

What else is in the “pipeline”?

  • “Smart” subscriptions which will “know” about your gift subscriptions and your own subscription
  • A digital version of Creation magazine December 2012
  • eBooks (download and read on your computer or e-reader device) December 2012
  • More shipping methods for some countries

What else would you really like to see
changed or added to our webstore? Let us know

What’s different, new and coming?
Store overview
Why are there multiple web stores?
What store should I be using?
How do I change my default store?
Store accounts
How do I create a store account?
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How do I shop on the web store?
Digital eBooks (downloadable)
Video/MP4s (downloadable)
Digital Creation magazine (read online)
Digital products purchased from the NZ and South Africa stores
How do I finalise my shopping?
What payment methods are available?
Important information for VISA and MasterCard payments in Canada, US and UK.
Entering credit card information
How do I pay for my Creation Magazine or Journal of Creation subscription renewal on the web store?
Sales Tax
How do I claim my coupon discount?
How do I change my account details?
How do I change my address details (including the shipping addresses)?
Password issues resolved here!
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