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How do I shop on the web store?

Firstly, you need to locate the product(s) that you’d like to purchase. There are a number of ways of doing this:

  • Click on the desired categories (left side of the page).
  • In the Search field (top right), enter some text of what you’d like to search for. If you know the product number, this can also be entered here and searched for.
  • Below the Search field is an advanced search link which will take you to a page that allows more detailed searching.
Add a product to the cart:
  • If you do not wish to see the full desciption of the product, adjust the quantity (to purchase more than 1) and then click the add to cart button.
  • Alternatively:
    • Click on the product image, title or More info to see a full description of the product.
    • Adjust the quantity (to purchase more than 1) and then click the add to cart button.
To view what is in your shopping cart:
  • On the grey menu bar there is a summary of how many items are in your cart and the cost of the products.
  • At the top of the right column there is a shopping cart summary.
  • For more detail, either click on shopping cart or View Cart.
Whilst viewing the cart you can:
  • Change the quantities and then click the update cart button to record the change.
  • Remove items from the cart. Click Remove beside the product that is to be deleted.
  • Click the continue shopping button, to do just that.
  • Click checkout if have finished shopping and now wish to confirm your order and make your payment.
  • Calculate the shipping (click the calculate shipping button and a pop-up window will appear where you can enter the destination details).
  • Make a donation
    • Select where you’d like your donation to go to via the dropdown selection
    • Enter the amount in whole numbers (decimals not accepted)
    • Click the add to cart button
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How do I shop on the web store?
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