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How do I finalise my shopping?

To finalise your shopping, click on the checkout button (Shoppping Cart page) or click on the Checkout link (grey menubar). All of the information that needs to be reviewed and completed is presented to you on one page. There are a number of sections on this page for you to attend to:

  • Addresses—If you have logged in then your default shipping and delivery addresses will be displayed for review or adjustment. Alternatively, if you wish to checkout without creating a store account, then you will need to enter the shipping address details (and the billing address details if different from the shipping address).
  • Shipping Method—Will display the shipping cost. Please note that this can only be calculated once you have entered the shipping address.
  • Credits Available—You will see a summary of the cart products and all of the pricing details. Also, you have the opportunity to enter a discount code and then click the redeem/recalculate button. If the coupon is accepted then a message will display to that effect and you will see a credit amount displayed in the pricing section.
  • Payment Method—Yes, we have to extract money from you some how! Each country will vary somewhat as to the methods offered (Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, check/cheques and money orders). In the case of check/cheques and money orders, it is recommended that you print your order to accompany your payment when posted. Your order will not be dispatched until you payment has been received and cleared by our bank.
  • Add Comments About Your Order—An opportunity for any further instructions, questions, comments etc.
  • Place Order—Click this button when any adjustments have been made and you have confirmed that all of the details are correct. It is at this point that payment processing takes place.

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How do I finalise my shopping?
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