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Important information for VISA and MasterCard payments in Canada, US and UK.

The Address Verification System (AVS) is an additional VISA and MasterCard security feature that is active on card holders accounts in Canada, US and UK. Your billing address details are checked against your credit cards statement address. It is not a character by character check but rather it analyses the numeric information in the house number line of your address and the zip/post code. If it does not match then the transaction will be declined. Please note that this is not something that CMI has any control over.

If you are sure that there is no other reason why your transaction has been declined and you think that it is because of this AVS check, then you have two options:

  • Change your billing address in the CMI webstore to match your credit card’s address.
  • Your credit card address may be out of date and so you will need to advise your credit card institution of your new address.
Additional information is available here (external website).

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Important information for VISA and MasterCard payments in Canada, US and UK.
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