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An Industrial Chemist\'s Origin of Life Cookbook (Audio Download)
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An Industrial Chemist's Origin of Life Cookbook (Audio Download)

2018 European Creation Conference (London)

A Spanish PhD chemist comprehensively explores the many problems with chemical evolution, the alleged origin of biologically-relevant molecules and cells. Beginning with historical attempts to explain life’s origin, he goes on to cover the problems of: the experimenters’ intervention, obtaining biological building blocks, and polymerization (including a look at ‘real’ peptide synthesis). His talk also examines order versus complexity, probabilistic arguments, and speculations of extra-terrestrial life.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 46MB MP3 audio file which needs to be downloaded to your computer / tablet / smart phone before you can listen to it. The software/program needed will normally be already on your device but if necessary free software can be downloaded from the internet and installed.

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Format: Download MP3
Audience: High School–Adult
Presenter: Dr Alejandro García Hernán
Length: 50 mins
Product Code: 35-1-033

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