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<em>Journal of Creation</em> back issue
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Creation Media

Journal of Creation back issue

The 128–page journal covers a wide spectrum of studies, not just science. Powerful articles have appeared on topics such as philosophy, theology, history, archaeology, social sciences and many more. This is a great complement to Creation magazine, providing in-depth material from many experts in their field to satisfy the enquiring mind.

Purchasing a quantity of back issues will equip you with a variety of subject matter to confound the scoffers.

PLEASE NOTE: Your periodical(s) will be selected from a range of back-issues. Larger orders will likely contain multiple copies of some issues. If it is important for you to receive particular issues, or you have any other back issue requests then please record your instructions (specific issues/quantity) in the box below.

Available issues (unless stated otherwise):
2014 Volume 28:2
2014 Volume 28:1
2013 Volume 27:3
2013 Volume 27:2
2013 Volume 27:1
2012 Volume 26:3
2012 Volume 26:2
Dec 2010 Volume 24:3
Aug 2010 Volume 24:2
Apr 2010 Volume 24:1
Dec 2009 Volume 23:3
Aug 2009 Volume 23:2
Apr 2009 Volume 23:1
Dec 2008 Volume 22:3
Sep 2008 Volume 22:2
Dec 2007 Volume 21:3
Sep 2007 Volume 21:2
Dec 2006 Volume 20:3
Aug 2006 Volume 20:2
Apr 2006 Volume 20:1
Aug 2005 Volume 19:2
Dec 2004 Volume 18:3
Apr 2004 Volume 18:1
Dec 2003 Volume 17:3
Aug 2003 Volume 17:2
Apr 2003 Volume 17:1
Aug 2000 Volume 14:2
Apr 1998 Volume 12:1
1994 Volume 8:2

Each issues table of contents can be viewed on the
Journal of Creation archive page.

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