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SuperConference (USA 2010)<br>18 DVD pack
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Creation Media

SuperConference (USA 2010)
18 DVD pack

Share our US SuperConference speakers with your friends. The 18 included DVDs are:

  • The Dating Game
  • Creatures Do Change - But It’s Not Evolution
  • Evolution’s Fatal Fruit
  • Close Encounters of the “Fourth Kind”
  • Six Days … Really?
  • What the Schools are Teaching
  • The Great Global Warming Debate
  • Rafting in the Grand Canyon
  • The Evolution of Human Evolution
  • Distant Starlight—A Forum
  • God the Master Designer
  • Dinosaurs & Dragons
  • The Ice Age: Only the Bible can Explain It
  • From Atheist to Creationist
These four DVD are not new but were also presented at the SuperConference.
  • Genesis & the Gospel Connection
  • The Mystery of our Declining Genes
  • Starlight, Time and the New Physics
  • Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 “Daughters” of Noah
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Format: DVD
Audience: High School–Adult
Presenter: Various
Product Code: .90-7-700

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