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Word Wise Vol 1 & 2
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Word Wise Vol 1 & 2

This pack includes the two books …

Word Wise Vol 1: God's Amazing Book
Many children have heard the stories of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, etc., but are still unaware of the chronology of the Bible, or the important part each character played in God’s big plan for mankind. Using word searches, jumbled sentences, number codes, and crosswords, these pages provide a journey through the Bible to help children see the ‘big picture’.

Word Wise Vol 2: Just As God Said!
We need to connect what children do in the classroom on the other days of the week to the Bible; turning often to its less familiar pages, until they see that in every area of our existence Scripture always has been, and still is, the supreme authority.

Format: Soft cover
Audience: Primary/Elementary–Junior High
Author: Alison Brown
Product Code: .90-7-088

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