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Colin Garner, Tom DeRosa

Soft Cover


Creation & Evolution

Professor Colin Garner shows the scientific flaws in evolutionary theory, as well as how it contradicts biblical truth. He shows the importance of creation to biblical doctrine, and how all this affects morality and evangelism. A4 format and in full color.

Evidence for Creation

One of the greatest myths about the biblical view of creation is that it is based on religion—not science. As a result, Christians who believe in six-day creation are often looked down upon. Tom DeRosa presents evidence from astronomy, geology, biology, and history to show why Darwin’s theory is at odds not just with Genesis, but with the facts of science itself. Discover why:

  • The fossil record shows no evidence of evolution.
  • Physical laws support creation, not evolution.
  • The “irreducible complexity” of the simple cell rules out the evolution theory.
  • Grim social consequences follow when political leaders embrace evolution.

Be prepared for challenging, intelligent answers.

This is the 3rd edition, 2015.

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