An Eternal Quantum Potential or an Eternal Creator God - 7-Day Streaming

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2016 Super Camp (Australia)

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High School-Adult

Dr Craig Russell

54 Minutes

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Dr John Hartnett examines an array of theories that have sought to explain the origin of the universe—including Steady State Theory and multiple iterations of the Big Bang Theory. A former atheist himself, he explains that the fact that the big bang theory has an origin in time—a unique past boundary—has been particularly vexing for the atheist believers in that cosmogony. Using various approaches, big bang theorists have been trying to eliminate the beginning by replacing the Creator with an eternal quantum potential which existed for eternity past, and then 13.8 billion years ago exploded into the big bang universe, … or, so they say. They haven’t succeeded.

Dr Hartnett shows that the constantly-changing big bang theory is both unscientific and unbiblical, putting Christians who have adopted it in a very poor position. He ends by presenting a brief summary of a few biblical creationist cosmological models that acknowledge the eternal Creator God as the source of everything in the Universe.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2016 Australian Creation SuperCamp in front of a live audience.

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