Astronomy Vol 1: Our Created Solar System - Unlimited Streaming

What You Aren’t being Told About Astronomy series

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Junior High-Adult

Spike Psarris

109 Minutes

Streaming Video

Spike Psarris


In this first entry of the series entitled: “What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy” Spike Psarris gives clear and convincing evidence that current scientific facts support the Biblical account of creation, and defy the evolutionary model in multiple ways. Many of the planets and moons appear to be young, not billions of years old. Plus, these objects show evidence of design, not random processes.

In this video, you will tour our magnificent Solar System, and explore these wonders in the heavens. Along the way, you will visit each of the planets and many of their moons, through more than 230 breath-taking photographs and graphics from NASA and other sources. You will see how each planet uniquely testifies of its Creator.

Discover what you aren't being told about our Solar System!

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