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Please Nana ... What's a Miracle?

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Margaret Wieland

Hard Cover




The word ‘miracle’ is often applied to such divinely instituted wonders as the flowering of a rose, the colours of the rainbow, or the amazing birth of a human child. However, these are not what we mean by ‘miracle’ in the biblical sense.

But a baby born to a young maiden who had never been with a man—is that a miracle? Yes! And a man raised from the dead after 3 days in his tomb—of course! Equally, a giant fish in the right place and biologically equipped to provide a home for Jonah for three days—another one!

So, what’s the difference? The fourth book in the Please, Nana series clearly explains in simple language and beautiful illustrations:

“You see, sweetheart, a miracle
Must work outside the square;
A really, truly miracle
Has nothing to compare.”

“For miracles are only done
By God; they demonstrate,
There’s nothing outside His control
Or power to create.”

As for each book in this highly popular children’s series, a number of reviewers have added their expertise to the final product. You can be certain God’s word is honoured and the explanations are biblically correct. And in each book, the ‘Nana notes’ fill out details of each significant point made throughout the uncomplicated story-line.

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