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Please, Nana ... What's a Miracle? + Why was Jesus Born? books

Latest 3rd and 4th books in the series

Hard Cover
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Please, Nana

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Margaret Wieland

Hard Cover


Captivating rhyme and stunning artwork brilliantly illustrates difficult concepts in an eyecatching, modern yet sensitive and child-friendly style that helps youngsters absorb the biblical truths being conveyed. Includes notes and weblinks to help parents. Both hardcover books are 40 pages in length each …

Please, Nana … Why was Jesus Born? [10-1-625]
It’s getting ever harder in our time to keep the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ at the centre of Christmas celebrations. The simple yet ‘catchy’ rhyme, and the beautiful illustrations in this book will help any significant adult in a child’s life share the true meaning and divine purpose behind the birth of Jesus—in an enjoyable way.

Please, Nana … What's a Miracle? [10-1-624]
The word ‘miracle’ is often applied to such divinely instituted wonders as the flowering of a rose, the colours of the rainbow, or the amazing birth of a human child. However, these are not what we mean by ‘miracle’ in the biblical sense.

But a baby born to a young maiden who had never been with a man—is that a miracle? Yes! And a man raised from the dead after 3 days in his tomb—of course! Equally, a giant fish in the right place and biologically equipped to provide a home for Jonah for three days—another one!

So, what’s the difference? The fourth book in the series clearly explains in simple language and beautiful illustrations:

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