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HS 2022 Free Swag Package (E-Reader Version)




Thank you for attending the Canadian Homeschool Symposium 2022. CMI Canada is pleased to offer you free digital products. Please follow the instructions below to claim them. If you do not have an account with CMI Canada you will need to sign up for an account at castore.creation.com and be signed in before ordering your free products.

To claim your free gifts (1-time use):

  1. You should see HS 2022 Free Swag Package (Kindle Version) above in the product title

  2. Make sure you have the right product

    1. For Amazon Kindle users it should say Kindle Version. Files will be .mobi.

    2. For all others you should have E-Reader Version. Files will be .epub.

    3. if you have the wrong product go back to the links provided by Canadian Homeschool Symposium / CMI Canada and select the correct link

  3. Select Add to cart

  4. Select Proceed to checkout

  5. Under Promo code enter CMIFREE-EREADER and select Add

    1. If you do not use the code and proceed to checkout the free products will not be added

  6. 4 free products will be added to the checkout

    1. Select show Details. You should see added:

      1. Is Human Life Special? 

      2. Genesis Flood

      3. Does Evolution Explain Everything?

      4. Digital Edition 44-1 Creation Magazine

  7. Your total (tax incl.) should be $0.00 or $15 in discounts if you ordered other paid products

  8. Proceed through the checkout process to get your free products

  9. The products will be in the Your Downloads section of your CMI account on castore.creation.com

  10. From here you can download to your computer or e-reader

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