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Dinosaurs - Pack of 3 books

Titans of the Earth, Sea & Air, Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries & Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons

Hard Cover

Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Hard Cover


Dire Dragons
In the evolutionary ‘Age of Dinosaurs’, man and dinosaurs did not coexist and were separated by millions of years. But if dinosaurs and humans were both created on Day 6, they clearly coexisted, and there should be evidence of that. Using hundreds of incredible photographs from around the world, Dire Dragons provides stunning evidence that the ancients saw dinosaurs and depicted them, calling them ‘dragons’. One of the best books on the subject ever produced.

Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries
Uncover new and mysterious dinosaur evidence being discovered around the world, including their tracks, nests, eggs and bones. Let a dinosaur expert show you how the Genesis Flood explains the discoveries—and the mysteries. Beautifully presented in full colour with amazing pictures and drawings.

Titans of the Earth, Sea & Air
From an early age, children are exposed to the idea that there was an ‘age of dinosaurs’—millions of years before man ever entered the evolutionary big picture. However, real science shows that dinosaurs provide strong evidence for the biblical “young” earth and global Flood. provide exciting support for the Bible. This is CMI’s first comprehensive dinosaur book for highschool and above. It has many pictures of fossils, and the best artistic impressions of dinosaurs. It also answers most of the questions people might ask.

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