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Flight: The genius of birds - Blu-Ray

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High School-Adult

Illustra Media

63 Minutes



Beautifully filmed nature documentary on birds, but from a Design perspective. Learn all about the fascinating features required for flight, and some of the marvels in the avian world. On the small scale, there is the fine programming to develop a bird inside the egg, and the intricate microscopic hooks and barbs to make feathers. On the medium scale, there are the powerful flight muscles, including ingenious pulley system. On the gigantic scale, there are flocks with 300,000 starlings flying in perfect formation, and arctic terns migrating from one pole to the other, and back to the same place, for a 70,000 km round trip. You will also see how the intricately hovering hummingbird beats its wings so fast that it needs a heart beating at 1,250 and a tongue as a nectar trap to gather more energy. Human engineers have modelled a nano air vehicle (NAV) on the hummingbird, using much foresight and planning. What does this say about the Maker of the original?

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