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What Darwin Couldn't Know

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Werner Gitt

Soft Cover


Charles Darwin was blissfully unaware of the incredible complexity of the cell and of the inconceivably large amounts of information necessary to make life “work”. Examples include the three different types of hemoglobin needed by the embryo, fetus, then infant and adult; the incredible 4,500-km non-stop navigation of the Pacific Ocean by golden plover birds as they fly from Alaska to Hawaii; and bacteria in our bowels that move forwards and backwards by means of miniature built-in electric motors. Add to all this the fact that our bodies require fully functioning organs such as our heart, liver, kidneys, etc. Partly formed organs undergoing any evolutionary process of mutation would be useless.

Mutation, selection, isolation, long time periods, chance, necessity, and death of the less fit, are the alleged mechanisms of evolution, but none of these on its own or in combination can produce information. This is because information only ever comes from intelligence, never by evolutionary processes of trial and error. Evolution is thus one of the greatest errors in the history of the world.

In this tract, information scientist Dr Werner Gitt gives many examples, including the origin of life itself, that defy evolutionary explanation, but which all point to a wise and loving Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we can also receive eternal life.

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