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Rod Walsh

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Rod Walsh is the well known ‘Ark man’ who builds and displays fascinating scale models of Noah’s Ark, showing the huge size of the vessel relative to the animals and people. He and his wife Nancy have travelled widely in their ‘Ark Van’ in several countries across the world as well as the far corners of Australia, giving a huge number of informative presentations like this one that answers people’s questions about the whole topic of Noah, the Flood and the Ark. It gives convincing evidence for a global Flood, and about the fossils, dinosaurs, erosion and Flood-related queries that many Christians struggle to answer, such as:

  • How many animals went on the Ark ?
  • How big was the Ark?
  • How stable was the Ark?
  • How could ancient people build such a massive structure?
  • How long did the Flood last?
  • World population—evidence for the Flood.
  • Fossils, and the amazing evidence of rapid burial.
  • And the most-asked question in Rod’s experience in this whole area: ‘What about the dinosaurs?’

This is a 22mb MP3 audio file which needs to be downloaded to your computer / tablet / smart phone before you can listen to it. The software/program needed will normally be already on your device but if necessary free software can be downloaded from the internet and installed.

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