Postmodernism, 'Tolerance' and Political Correctness

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2013 Super Camp (Australia)

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High School-Adult

Darrell Furgason

56 Minutes

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The evolutionary worldview of Naturalism not only undermines the Creation account in the book of Genesis in the areas of science, but it also opens the door to Postmodernism—and then Relativism and Determinism—in the church today. Postmodernists argue that the Bible must be viewed as merely another historical narrative, as poetry, or even cultural myth—but certainly not as the Word of God. Christians today must learn to defend the Bible as THE word of God, not merely a book that contains the word of God somewhere in its pages. This talk helps us understand, and confront, the philosophical paradigms of Naturalism and Postmodernism that currently undermine the confidence of young people not only in the Genesis account of creation, but in the Bible as a whole.

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