Retaking The Ground Mini-Series

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High School-Adult

Dr Tas Walker, Dr J Sarfati

205 Minutes

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Four compelling presentations by Dr Tas Walker and Dr Jonathan Sarfati give straightforward answers to some of today’s most-asked questions about creation, evolution, science and the Bible. See how you can accept the Bible’s historical view of creation and discover your part in the sweep of history from Genesis to Jesus to Revelation. See how the Bible’s big picture can empower your life and the lives of your friends.

  • Video Download 1: The Power of the Bible’s Big Picture—clarifying our thinking. 1 hour.
  • Video Download 2: Leaving Your Brains at the Church Door—becoming a complete person. 40 mins.
  • Video Download 3: Fossils, Noah’s Flood and the Age of the Earth—transforming your world. 57 mins.
  • Video Download 4: Answers for Action—how it works out in practice. 48 mins.
Includes English sub-titles.

This is a Four 640x480px MP4 video files (386, 282, 395 &323mb) which needs to be downloaded to your computer / tablet / smart phone before you can watch it. The software/program needed to watch the video will normally be already on your device but if necessary free software can be downloaded from the internet and installed.

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