Time Warp: Parts 1 & 2

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2013 Super Camp (Australia)

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High School-Adult

David Catchpoole

104 Minutes

MP3 Audio


What does intensive ministry in Muslim-majority Indonesia have to do with Western views on Genesis?

Official census figures report that Christians make up 10% of Indonesia’s population of 250 million—meaning there are more Christians in Indonesia than Australia’s entire population. But the church there is now facing the same challenge confronting the church in Australia 40 years ago, as the teaching of evolution in schools ramps up.

In this presentation David Catchpoole relates that Christendom in Indonesia need not repeat the West’s mistakes, and indeed can learn from them. For example, long-age compromise ideas (such as ‘Gap Theory’) simply don’t work. And these days there are more scientific reasons than ever to confirm the rationality of trusting the entire Bible as straightforward history. Christians can equip themselves with answers to the questions that arise in their own, and others’, minds.

Audio recording from the Creation 2013 Supercamp, help at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. The material covered in this recording may well be similar to the content of other books, DVDs etc by the same presenter/author.

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