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Which Gospel?

How long age stories undermine the Gospel

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Dr Martin Williams

103 Minutes

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In this new DVD, Dr Williams presents 6 x in-depth, biblical and theological arguments for the incompatibility of evolutionary long ages and the Gospel.

Dr Williams explains step by step how a deep-time view of our origins is incompatible with the New Testament’s understanding of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

He covers topics like:

  • The science is not scary! (14 min)
  • Why all the fuss about long ages? (12 min)
  • How ‘good’ is creation? (6min)
  • Did animals die in the Garden of Eden? (11 min)
  • Reaching the west (18 min)
  • What does the resurrection tell us about origins? (7 min)

Includes a bonus talk … Is Creation a Secondary Issue? (37 min)

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