Evolution and the Christian Faith + Design, Death and Suffering

Book and DVD


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Philip Bell



Pack includes a book and a DVD …

Evolution and the Christian Faith
Theistic evolution in the light of Scripture

320 page book by Philip Bell [10-2-659]
This book assesses theistic evolution against the backdrop of the whole gamut of Christian doctrines: the attributes of God, the deity of Jesus Christ, the problem of evil, the nature of mankind, original sin, death, the Gospel, the restored new creation, missions and evangelism.

Design, Death and Suffering
55 minute DVD by Philip Bell [30-9-593]
The argument for design seems so compelling, yet so many people don’t ‘see’ it. Why should that be? And if things really were intelligently designed, why the rampant death and suffering in the world around us? Does the Bible really answer these challenges?

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