2022 3rd European Creation Conference (London)

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The 12 talks presented at the 2022 3rd European Creation Conference (London).

  1. Solid Ground for Sinking Times: The Bible and Creation (Thomas Fretwell)
  2. Genetic Information and the Origin of Life (Ramón Gómez)
  3. The Wonder of the Human Voice (Prof Andy McIntosh)
  4. Animal Fear and Human Diet Before & After the Flood (Philip Bell)
  5. Life: the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the PROOF (Dr Vija Sodera)
  6. Retrieving the Lost Books of God’s Revelation: Nature and Scripture (Dr Benno Zuiddam)
  7. On the Origin of Languages: Babel contra Evolution (Dr Roger Liebi)
  8. Climate Change and the Christian's Care for Creation (Andrew Sibley)
  9. Are We Our Brain? (Ilanah Pruis)
  10. Bible & Philosophy of Science: Is creationism scientific? (Dr André Juthe)
  11. Superior or Inferior Humans? 'Race' science past and present (Lucien Tuinstra)
  12. Why the Wrist and Ankle Joints are Masterpieces of Engineering (Prof Stuart Burgess)
Each talk is a separate MP3 file within a single ZIP file. Once the ZIP file is downloaded and extracted in to the individual MP3 files, the talks can be copied to other media or devices. Your device should already have a suitable App or software program installed; if not, free software on the internet can be downloaded and installed for this purpose.

Also available for free download are the 12 handy presentation summaries (PDF format), provided to each delegate at the conference itself.

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