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Wonder of Science, The

Exploring the creation/evolution debate

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Dominic Statham

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The Wonder of Science: Exploring the creation/evolution debate by Dominic Statham, is a vital resource for any family with children in secondary school or above. Suitable for all kinds of readers: parents, teachers, students, and any others with a love of science, particularly the aspects connected with origins, this book takes the reader on an even-handed and wide-ranging journey through the major areas of conflict in the origins debate.

A lucidly written, beautifully illustrated critique of the current arguments used in support of evolution, both in education and in the popular media, The Wonder of Science received input from seven consultant editors(*) and covers topics such as:

  1. Science and Faith
  2. Genetics and Evolution
  3. Earth and Atmosphere
  4. Cell Biology and Chemical Evolution
  5. Space Science

Dominic Statham is careful to present both sides of the argument fairly; both creationist and evolutionist, allowing the reader to weigh the evidence for themselves.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., FM states in the foreword:

"I strongly recommend this very informative and readable book that covers a wide variety of science topics. The Wonder of Science presents science more clearly and deeply than secular textbooks. Particularly, ... what makes science work in the first place. … [T]he underlying assumptions of science, and how the Christian worldview provided these logical foundations."

The Former Managing Director of the Australian office, Carl Wieland, wrote this endorsement:

"The author’s calm, non-argumentative style encourages and equips readers to dispassionately weigh up the evidence on origins from opposing viewpoints. It makes clear why biblical Christianity and its creation corollary are foundational to modern science itself. In short—just brilliant!”

For further information and the launch article of this book see here.

* The consultant editors are Geoff Barnard Ph.D., M.A. (theol.), Alessio Bernardelli B.Sc., PGCertEd., Nick Cowan M.A. (Cantab.), PGCertEd., Matti Leisola D.Sc., John Matthews B.Sc., Ph.D., Jonathan Sarfati Ph.D. and William Worraker B.Sc., Ph.D.

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